At Blincker Ltd we are dedicated to helping organisations improve their performance and processes. We work closely with our customers to build and implement unique solutions for their specific needs. These solutions allow for the successful leveraging of information available throughout the organisation in order to optimise the speed and accuracy of decision making and the measuring of performance.

  • How We Do It

    Our passion is to help you grow your business and maximise it’s potential. We understand that each organisation is different, we therefore always want to start with a meeting where we want to hear and learn as much possible about you, your business and where you think you need help. Our focus is to build a build a long term relationship where we can help you to grow your business. Every organisation is different and requires different approach in our involvement for that reason we are flexible to discuss how we are involved interim, part-time and the fee structure.

  • How we help

    Do you need useful knowledge to make decisions? We can help you to get relevant, meaningful information out of your data to make decisions and do your job.

    Do you want to explore opportunities to save cost? We can help to identify opportunities and execute to realise them.

    Do you want to manage and improve performance? We can help to identify true KPI’s and find ways to monitor and improve them on a robust and easy repeatable basis.

    Do you need to change you process and systems to allow your company to grow? We can help you to create and execute a process improvement road map, which will ensure your company is ready for growth.

    Do you want to reduce the time to close your financials? We can help you to identify the opportunities to streamline this process.