At Blincker Ltd we are dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance and processes. We work closely with our customers to build and implement unique solutions for their specific needs.

These solutions allow for the successful leveraging of information available throughout the organization in order to optimize the speed and accuracy of decision making and the measuring of performance.

Our expertise ranges from project managing full ERP implementations to business analysis and process improvement road maps.

While our unique strengths lie in financial and organizational know-how, our extensive experience in all facets of the entertainment industry gives Blincker Ltd clients an insider’s road map to success if your business venture deals with any aspect of the entertainment genre.

Jie-Ming Chung

Founder & Principle Consultant

I am an entrepreneur and advisor with a passion for business building and helping companies grow. I combine in-house operational experience in start-ups, SMEs and multinational corporates with consulting skills in business and finance transformation, performance improvement and project management. I have worked in the media, renewable energy, finance and information technology sectors.



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